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ACOHOF - Sweden

Welcome to the ACOHOF Sweden webpage. ACOHOF has in the past year set up a solid branch office in Sweden with Headquarters in Stockholm to take care of all issues related to our friends and programs in Europe. ACOHOF Sweden is also particularly charged with Volunteering with ACOHOF.


Are you interested in volunteering in Cameroon in Africa? Then you are in the right place. The Afoni Children of Hope Foundation (ACOHOF) has several volunteering opportunities.



  1. 1. We have teaching opportunities at the ACOHOF Family Farm School in Tatum in the North West region and ACOHOF Family Farm School of Bankim in the Adamoua region of Cameroon. 

2. There are online or in-house reporters, Radio Broadcasters, Sound Technicians, Maintenance Technicians etc., opportunities at the ACOHOF Community Radio. 

3. We also have opportunities for Volunteer Grant Officers who can help us in drafting Project Proposals. We need Fundraising Officers and Computer Specialists to train both Office staff and the ACOHOF Family Farm School students on Computer basics such as Microsoft Office. 

4. You can also join our ARIF-Africa network. This is the new Program on Micro-Finance. Help us fundraise to get enough loans for our members, most of whom are IDPs and can’t even afford little collateral apart from their word. So come and let’s work together. It is fun.

Please write to us today via contact-us@acohof.org or visit the ARIF-Africa website @ https://www.arifafrica.org/.

ACOHOF-SWEDEN has done much more. Check out our partnership with the Engineers Without Borders of Sweden (EWB-Sweden). 

Other Swedish Partners

Karolina Johnsson:

Karolina Johnsson is the first Swedish to take a particular interest in ACOHOF and has been voluntarily and reliably working with ACOHOF since 2011 in different capacities. 

Professionally, Karolina played a significant role in the activities that led to the creation of the ACOHOF Family Farm School in 2014. In addition, she founded and is the President of ACOHOF - Sweden. Furthermore, she conceived and spearheaded the realization of the ACOHOF Rural Investment Fund (ARIF); and contributed enormously to project proposal writing, donor search, and strategic planning.

Financially and materially, Karolina has donated enormous financial and material assistance (foodstuffs, clothes, school supplies, etc.) to orphans, underprivileged children/disabled persons, and internally displaced persons in Cameroon in Bui Division. In addition, she is always cheerful and willing to assist with any task of the organization.