Afoni Children of Hope Foundation

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Music Talent Promotion Program

There are many underprivileged talented youths out there with no funds to showcase their music talents. ACOHOF understands some of the financial hardships these youths face. It is against this background that ACOHOF designed an opportunity for these youths who may be financially unable to emerge and record their project. The ACOHOF Music Talent Promotion Program is committed to the discovery and promotion of new and emerging musical talent and continues a long history of musical excellence and artistic contribution from the North West Region of Cameroon.


The Afoni Children of Hope Foundation enhances and broadens the musical abilities of the talented underprivileged youth in primarily the North West Region of Cameroon by giving them the opportunity to learn and develop their musical abilities. Currently, the organization has an orchestra that enables the underprivileged talented youth to develop their musical talents through access to music instruction, various musical instruments and music technology. ACOHOF also intend to provide a platform for professional international musicians who have a passion for philanthropy, to give back to young local amateur musicians in the underprivileged communities of primarily the \north West Region of Cameroon. The musicians are intended to work both one on one and collaboratively with trainees in order to provide them with the adequate training necessary in enhancing their music skills.


The goal of the Music Talent Promotion program is to empower the talented underprivileged youth in such a way that it enables them to play instruments both individually and in an ensemble setup as well as produce their music. They will also be able to design and work on self-selected music projects using both western and traditional musical instruments. We believe that the program will not only help the youth nurture their talents but it will also give them a platform to express themselves in ways that they could not previously do. In addition to personal development, they will be able to acquire soft skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership. We believe this program will greatly help their personal development and make them role models in their communities as they can use their gifts and talent to express themselves and be catalysts of social change.