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Between May and July 2012, ACOHOF conducted a baseline survey of young farmers and unemployed youths (female and male) in 15 major villages of Nkum Sub division of the North West Region of Cameroon. This baseline survey was conducted to provide a better understanding of the livelihood challenges of the youths in Nkum subdivision. The study aimed at assessing the status and problems of young people in Nkum Sub Division with a view of understanding and assisting them to overcome such problems as poverty, unemployment and various social ills, thereby encouraging their participation in development programs and decision making processes in their communities. 


In March 2013, the Afoni Children of Hope Foundation presented the findings of this baseline survey in a participatory and interactive one day workshop under the theme “Promoting Livelihood Opportunities for Young People in Nkum Sub Division. This workshop that was well attended by private and public stakeholders, young farmers, and other religious, traditional, and community stakeholders provided a platform for brainstorming and exchange of knowledge and ideas between the presenters and the participants for important and comprehensive comments and recommendations that could effectively contribute to sustainable livelihoods for young people in Nkum Sub Division. At the close of the workshop, the establishment of a community radio featured as one of the major recommendations and resolutions for promoting young people’s livelihood opportunities in Nkum Sub Division. 

ACOHOF decided to take this challenge very seriously. In order to make this wish and dream of the Rural Youths in Tatum and Nkum Sub Division come true, we decided to start the ACOHOF Community Radio in Tatum. However, this does not come as easy as it sounds. We needed well over 15.000.000frs CFA (about 30.000 US Dollars) for this to happen. 


That is why we need your support now. Do you want to partner with us? If yes then you are very welcome. Call us via WhatsApp on +237 677875615 or send us mail to acrtatum@acohof.org and we will discuss the terms.

If you like this project and intend to support, simply click on the Donate Button and it will take you to our Donations page where you will find our Bank details. When you do, please send us a mail indicating when, how much and why you made the donation. We will get back to you with feedback and you will be informed and get a full report with attached pictures or short videos of how your donation was used.


We are delighted to announce that we finally started broadcasting in Dercember 2015. ACR can be received in and around Tatum on FM 98.5. 

A participatory and interactive workshop was organized by ACOHOF on “promoting livelihood opportunities for young people in Nkum sub Division” and government, civil society organizations, and community stakeholders, resolved that the establishment of a community radio was among other factors, indispensable in addressing the promotion of young people’s livelihood opportunities in Nkum Sub Division.