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Crocs Cares℠ helps reduce the rate of skin infections, parasites, and cuts acquired through the lack of proper foot protection by freely donating thousands of shoes to partner organizations for distribution to those in dire need. Crocs Cares℠ through its partners therefore seek to provide families and children with information and education on the importance of proper footwear and also provide a platform for Crocs employees to support organizations that benefit local and global communities alike. Crocs Cares recently donated 1719 pairs of shoes to the underprivileged children through the Afoni Children of Hope Foundation (ACOHOF). The shoes distribution exercise which was launched at the Nseh Fon's Palace was chaired by the Fon of Nseh and attended amongst other Dignitaries by the Bui Divisional Delegate of Social Welfare. Visit now.

Karolina Johnsson has a degree in human rights, international law and sociology. She gives lectures on Self-esteem, empowerment, self-confidence as well as on life's paradoxes and how we benefit from them. Her book titled "Diplomat's Daughter," which reflects her life and experiences, was released in May 2006 and has been a great success. It is through these experiences that she realized that one can always find hidden gems in every situation because she came out stronger, happier and a more humble person.


She says “I feel a deep gratitude to all who have supported me over the years and would thus spread my gratitude to as many people as possible”. She has thus dedicated her entire life to the humanitarian cause, trying to help persons especially those who suffer from various human rights violations. She is the Deputy Director of Afoni Children of Hope Foundation (ACOHOF). Learn more about her publication at 


Afoni Children of Hope Foundation has partnered with Pens for Kids in order to better attain to the needs of the underprivileged children and orphans in Cameroon. Pens for Kids recently sent a total of 2,700 pens to assist the ACOHOF in her “Back to School with ACOHOF 2012”. Visit the website to support their efforts to help disadvantaged children. Go to now.


PC Village International has been working in Cameroon since April 2009 playing the role of a trustee to all grants, loans and donations that it uses to buy computers and other equipment to set up cyber cafés and training centers. PC Village International believes that nothing can give the new generation better opportunities than good computer literacy and access to the internet. With its head office in Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon, its mission is to promote the use of ICT for poverty alleviation and job creation in Africa.


Nkum Council is one of the five Councils in Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Nkum Council is a local governmental entity which is tasked with the development of the local community through elected officials as a result of the decentralization process in Cameroon. The ACOHOF main office is located in Tatum which is the Head Quarters of Nkum Council. The Authorities of Nkum Council have been doing much to facilitate and ease the activities of ACOHOF in her Council area.


Children’s Brighter Future also known as BIWON Project provides primary prevention, treatment, care and support of persons affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and also implements the program of preventing mother-to-child-transmission laid down by the Ministry of Health. The primary goal is to give a bright future for children through empowering parents, teachers, care givers, youths and above all improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS.


Because of the remarkable prevalence of disability in the North West Region of Cameroon, KRISCARE Foundation has a commitment to identify, treat and follow-up persons with disabilities in Bui Division in order to improve on their lives physically, psychologically, morally, socially, economically and emotionally.

KRISCARE Foundation envisages the reintegration of persons with disabilities into the society with opportunities for brighter futures free of stigma in Bui Division in particular and Cameroon in general.


ACOHOF SWEDEN is the European Official Representation of ACOHOF Cameroon. ACOHOF Sweden particularly takes charge of the Volunteering Agency. Your Volunteering Needs to either ACOHOF Cameroon or to any where else can be taken care of here.


DISOP Cameroon came into partnership with ACOHOF to establish the ACOHOF Family Farm School of Tatum. DISOP stands for Organisation de Coopération Internationale pour des Projets de Développement. The ACOHOF Family Farm School + started in 2014-2015 Academic Year. Learn more about DISOP Cameroon @ 


MINEFOP standing for Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle in Cameroon works with the ACOHOF Family Farm School + Tatum in various ways. The ACOHOF FFS+ Tatum falls directly under this Ministry and the Divisional Delegation of MINEFOP for Bui Division has worked closely with the school in making sure that the government policy and programs are fully implemented.


One other major partner working with the ACOHOF Family Farm School is CNEFAC. It is they that provide Technical Support to the ACOHOF FFS+. CNEFAC is the National Family Farm Schools Coordination in Cameroon.














MTN Foundation has in the recent years come into a partnership with the Afoni Children of Hope Foundation (ACOHOF) and suplied writing materials such as exercise books, pens and pebcils, mathematical sets and school bags to underprivileged children in the community areas of Bui Division where they serve.


For more on the MTN Foundation/ACOHOF partnership