Afoni Children of Hope Foundation

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ACOHOF Rural Investment Fund (ARIF)

ARIF is an ACOHOF Program started as an initiative to help local entrepreneurship, boost local economy and thus enhance quality of life. It is also an important step in preventing rural exodus.


Our model is very similar to many Microfinance Institutes with the difference that we understand the importance of training and financial literacy. For this reason, we will have a platform for that where the borrowers have to take a mandatory course.

Our mission is to help people to help themselves out of poverty. There can be no better or more dignified way than to help in this way.


For more information on our procedures and other things, do not hesitate to contact us at:


We shall very soon set up phone and WhatsApp contact details.


We also ask for transparency, so that we may step in at any point when we feel that we can help to steer things right. In this way we can also see whether the loan is used for income-generating activities – as it should – or for consumption.

Transparency also serves as moral support to those who, for one reason or the other, hesitate to take a loan


You can also read the more about microfinance in the article provided here.