Afoni Children of Hope Foundation

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Community Health Outreach

This program provides prevention and early intervention information, resources, and support for disadvantaged communities to reduce the impact and incidence of the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs; HIV/AIDS and other STDS; teenage pregnancies and abortion; Muscular Dystrophy and other disabilities and rare diseases; and violence through community organization and mobilization.




ACOHOF sees a world where everybody works together with those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS to completely eradicate this killer disease.




ACOHOF is determined to use her HIV/AIDS outreach program to reach out to the infected and affected persons and to all the villages of Bui Division through education and provision of moral and material assistance in terms of nutritional, medical and spiritual enrichment to enhance livelihood.




HIV/AIDS stands out among other diseases like Malaria and Tuberculosis as the number one threat to societies around the globe, especially in the developing world and in the villages. While it affects the wider global communities, the poorest people are the worst hit. This is because the link between HIV/AIDS and poverty is well established. It is exactly what prevails in the villages of Bui Division.


This health crisis worsens the situation of the villagers because it attacks children and the active members of the population, young working adults, those who run businesses, have children and raise them. For this reason, HIV/AIDS poses the greatest threat to the development of our communities.