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Motto: Hope for the Underprivileged

Afoni Children of Hope Foundation, abridged as ACOHOF, is a non-profit making humanitarian and development association working for the benefit of underprivileged children and impoverished communities in the Republic of Cameroon. The mission of ACOHOF is to assist, empower, and holistically transform the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people, notably young boys and girls, to live independently and to actively contribute to the development of their local communities. 

Over the years, ACOHOF has broadened its scope and sharpened its focus while establishing itself more and more as one of the leading humanitarian and development associations for the underprivileged communities in the rural and semi-urban areas of Cameron.  

Since its inception and foundation in 2008, and the subsequent authorization to function by the Cameroon government in 2010, the Afoni Children of Hope Foundation has always envisaged a community where all disadvantaged and vulnerable persons, especially children are empowered in all spheres of life to play central roles in societal processes of development and to live normal and happier lives with dignity and self-esteem. 

We see direct action, help to self-help as one of the most important methods in our work, meaning that ACOHOF works together with those in need of its help to uphold their dignity. This is done through relevant programs in Basic Education and Vocational Training; Community Health outreach; Water, Sanitation, Hygiene; Community Human Rights Action; and Emergency & Humanitarian Assistance. 


You are heartily welcome to the Homepage of ACOHOF website. Afoni Children of Hope Foundation - ACOHOF, is a voluntary, non-profit making, apolitical, philanthropic, charity and development Association based in Cameroon - Africa. We are a Charity legalized by the Cameroon Government, with Registration Number: E26/PS/118/11.


The Afoni Children of Hope Foundation (ACOHOF) aims to impact the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people positively.

We are committed to alleviate poverty, to provide quality education, enhance equality, to raise awareness through health and hygiene education in order to curb the spreading of diseases.

We ensure the strengthening and self-empowerment of communities by eliminating exclusion and by developing appropriate programmes that define our objectives.

  1. Education for all underprivileged Children englobes Vocational Skills Training;
  2. Community Health Outreach with the Muscular Dystrophy and other Rare Diseases Program;
  3. Music Talent Promotion Program;
  4. Basic Needs for the Needy with our yearly “Back to School with ACOHOF” Program and the Computer Literacy Program.