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Motto: Hope for the Underprivileged

The ACOHOF Family Farm Schools


In the year 2014, ACOHOF took a special interest in many rural underprivileged children who after completing primary school are vulnerable to being trafficked to cities, where they are forced into labor, prostitution and early marriages. In order to make rural life more appealing and curb rural exodus and child trafficking, ACOHOF in partnership with DISOP Cameroon, established the ACOHOF Family Farm School with the aim of providing formal vocational training focused on local realities that will transform rural young boys and girls into multitalented, morally upright, and self-reliant rural youths capable of exploiting rural resources to create sustainable employment and become responsible and contributing citizens of their communities. 


Added to the spiritual and moral formation, the ACOHOF Family Farm School aims at preparing young multitalented, morally upright and self-reliant rural young boys and girls capable of exploiting rural resource to create employment with knowledge gained from the formal study of Livestock and Agriculture, Crafts, and Rural Entrepreneurship. 


Being extremely mindful of the need to prepare our pupils to be either highly employable citizens or entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world, all aspects of the person are concentrated on – that is the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional spheres that together make up well-rounded individuals, those who will act with integrity and grace in all their dealings with the world outside of ACOHOF Family Farm school +.


The school’s innovative curriculum and teaching methods enable our students to achieve their full potential, the teaching process being aided by staff, parents and external interveners who together provide students with a solid foundation for life-long learning and development as independent thinkers and confident communicators.


Student initiative, responsibility and self-belief are promoted and social engagement is also encouraged and practised.

It may well be that today’s society is facing a number of crises, one of which is a crisis of morality. In every way possible ACOHOF Family Farm School Tatum seeks to address this moral dilemma and it is doing so with the Family Farm School educational philosophy, which has stood the test of time.



The curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of each student. The academic and life skills timetable is designed to facilitate and support development and improve the abilities and independence of each student. The curriculum is designed to form the student professionally. intellectually, socially and spiritually. The formation is complex, in as much as, it is done within the natural flow of activities in a rural community. It is a deep formation since it requires the reflection of the student, connecting the patterns and relationship of activities in the community with the academics and practical life.