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News & Updates for the ACOHOF Family School - Bankim

Dear Friends of ACOHOF,

ACOHOF Family Farm School Bankim participated at the National Day Youth Day and were honoured to sing the National Anthem. The students are mainly Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the North and South-West Regions of Cameroon. They live in the school dormitory and are fed in school. You can support it with a mattress, beddings, books, didactic materials and even food. Call us or send a message via WhatsApp at +237 651 350 477 or email acohof-ffs-project@acohof.org. In addition, you can check us out via the ACOHOF website https://www.acohof.org or the school website https://ffs.acohof.org. 

Thank you.

On Monday 13 Septemer 2021, his Royal Highness, the Fon of Bankim, paid a surprised visit to the ACOHOF Family Farm School in Bankim. He and his entourage visited the entire school campus, dormitories, and classrooms. They asked several questions about the functioning of the school and left very satisfied and happy.


The Paramount Ruler arrived at the school campus barely a few minutes to the start of a meeting of Parents and Teachers who came together to hold discussions to look into ways to make the academic year a very successful one. During his visit, the Fon and his Delegation also noted what SODIS is and how this method purifies and disables bacteria in water, making it fit for drinking. ACOHOF remains indebted to Stefan and the EWB-Sweden Team for this simple, cheap, yet efficient water purification method that works so well in poor communities that we serve.


To contact us, Whatsapp the number 93282449, Facebook Messenger of ACOHOF Family Farm School or send an email to acohof-ffs-project@acohof.org. Together we shall.